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 Learning a new Language or getting a good score in language test exams depends on so-many factors. Our dedicated professional team did deep research on the Language learning & test results . In the last five years our Team tracking &observing and interviewing more than 1000 people. Their find-outs are interesting. the below factors are directly or indirectly effecting your test results.

Follow the below points it help you to increase your Results


1, Select good language trainers or institutions. Before joining a training centre or selecting a teacher you have to do enough background work or need to to talk past students.

2, Collect all study material and tools for helping their learning .

3, Finding and spending time for practice daily.

4, No one born with any language. all the language we learn from our surrounded people. Its important that we need to connect with few people with good language skills. Today its very easy to connect online. Establish connections with people and frequently find time for talking over phone or direct.

5, Start watching the movies & read books with language you wish to learn. slowly you start to understand and learn what they are speaking. Remember pick the movie or books with your favourite subjects.

6, Find a Language partner in opposite sex. People are learning 10 times faster if they have some one in opposite sex for talking. Find out some one have good language skills.

7, Your subconscious mind playing major role in language training. Avoid negative people who are telling like this score is difficult etc etc. follow the positive people and listen them only.

8, If possible stay the same hotel or near by hotel where the exams are conducting , it help you to avoid early morning rush to the exam hall. In our research 80% people are not able to concentrate first 4 to 8 questions of the exams only because they reaching the exam centre in the last hr.

9, Practice yoga. People whom practicing Yoga getting more score in exams because yoga reduce fear, anxiety and increase your brain memory and help you to concentrate.

10, Maping your brain in to one Language. Avoid to read, listen, speak any other language as much as you can before the exams. At-least 48 hrs to 7 days before the exams.

English Language Proficiency Tests

When international students are looking admission to abroad university, students required to prove their proficiency in English language skills.

Universities across the Globe require applicants to provide proof of their proficiency in the English language. This is normally mandatory for their admission to courses in the universities. Students going other countries for higher studies are advised to take language tests at least 60 days before their application submitted to universities abroad. They can take any language tests and submit their scores with their applications to prove their English language proficiency.

  • PTE

English speaking countries students are exempted from taking these tests. students from India need to take tests before applying abroad universities and colleges. IELTS, TOEFL &PTE are the three test for the English proficiency. Students have to check with university which language test they are approved, accordingly students have to opt that particular test. The validity of the language test is two years.

Academic Standardised Tests

 UK, USA, Germany need to take proficiency in math to join any related field of study. To prove their proficiency, they need to take certain standardised tests mentioned below:

  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • SAT

Students need to get good score in these tests for getting admission. GRE and GMAT scores need for admission to graduate courses and SAT is required for undergraduate courses. Good GRE with previous academic performance help to get scholarships and grants from colleges and universities.

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